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I saw a constellation! 我看到了星座!

Last night, a teacher in Madison invited us to her house. We had Hot-Pot and played some games together. Hot-Pot is my favorite! (昨晚,麦迪逊的一位老师邀请我们去她家,我们一起吃了火锅,还玩了游戏。火锅,我的最爱!)  I always looking my families prepared the soup of Hot-Pot, finally I can do it in person. (以前在家总是看家人们做火锅底料,熬制汤底,终于我也可以亲自做一次了!) What’s the most special of last night was that I saw a constellation! … Continue reading I saw a constellation! 我看到了星座!

Happy Thanksgiving!感恩节快乐!

I want to thank all my families, all my friends and all the people who has helped me. I never thought that I would come to the USA to be a teacher, even I’m just an assistant. Thank Confucius Institute for giving this chance.(我想感谢我的家人,我的朋友和所有曾经帮助过我的人。我从未想过我会有机会来美国当老师,即使只是一名助教,感谢孔子学院能够给我这次机会来体验和锻炼。) Yesterday I went to the Mall of America. Met crowds of … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!感恩节快乐!

The first snow in St. Cloud 圣克劳德的第一场雪

Snow fell early Friday in St. Cloud. It was the first snow of this Winter. School’s schedule was changing constantly because of the bad weather. At 11:00, all the kids went home. (周五的时候圣克劳德下雪了。这是这个冬天的第一场雪。因为恶劣的天气,学校的时间表不停地变化,提前。最后孩子们十一点时就都回家了。) Though the Confucius Institute, St. Cloud State University invited the Chinese Consul General Hong lei to St. Cloud to attend a panel … Continue reading The first snow in St. Cloud 圣克劳德的第一场雪

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