Fifth Week in Madison

Good evening to everyone who is visiting my blog. My name is Yanqiu Wen, you can call me Rachel. I’m from Sichuan Province of China, the same hometown with pandas. I’m a senior student of Changchun Normal University. Now I’m co-teaching in a Chinese Language Program of Confucius Institute at SCSU. (向所有正在浏览我的博客的人道一声晚上好。我叫温妍秋,你可以叫我的英文名Rachel。我来自熊猫的家乡,中国四川省。我是长春师范大学的一名学生,现在我在圣克劳德州立大学孔子学院当一名中文助教。)

Time flies, this is the fifth week in Madison Elementary School since this semester has began. Now I’m a helper teacher of Chinese immersion class in third grade.(时光飞逝,这已经是正式开学以来在麦迪逊小学的第五个星期了。我现在在三年级中文沉浸式课堂当助教。)

To be honest, it’s never easy to become a teacher. The first couple days when I just settle down in third grade, I felt that it was so tough just because the children don’t listen to me. The main teacher of my class said,” You don’t have to feel frustrated, they’re children, and  you are just new here, you haven’t built a relationship with them yet. They won’t accept you easily.” Then I tried my best to adjust myself to get used to this situation, it’s getting better and better.(老实说,当老师从来都不是一件容易的事。定下来在三年级的最开始几天,学生不听我话时我觉得教师生活好艰难啊。但是我们班的老师对我说:“你不用感觉很挫败,他们还是孩子,孩子就是这样的。你才刚来,你还没有跟他们建立很深的联系,他们没有这么快接受你。”在这之后,我就努力地调整自己,事情也在向着好的方向发展。)

Tried to use what I’ve learned during the first week training in SCSU and Apollo, such as PBIS system to teach students how to make good choices,  build a positive relationship with children. Teaching is about equity, set different teaching plan for different child because they’re all unique, and that would be more effective. In our class, we have some children who are smart but they just can’t concentrate, we need to pay more attention to them because they need us to encourage and urge them to learn all the time. (尝试把在圣克劳德州立大学和阿波罗高中的所学所得运用到实践中,用PBIS教学系统鼓励学生们做出正确的选择,与他们建立起良好积极的关系。教学是要公平的,要因材施教,每一个学生都是独特的,不,同的学生需要不同的教学方法,这样的教学也会更加有效。在我们班,有的学生非常聪明,但是就是无法集中注意力在学习上,这样我们就需要更多地关注他们,鼓励他们,督促他们学习。)

Now I think the children and I are building good relationships. They’re willing to tell me about their lives, ask me for help when they meet difficulties during class and say”thank you”in Chinese after I helped them . They ‘ll say “see you tomorrow” in Chinese when the school day is over. Things are getting better and better. Kinda hope to see them soon.(现在我已经感觉到了学生们和我正在建立起良好的关系。他们现在会主动自愿地跟我分享他们的生活趣事,会在需要帮助时跟我说:“温老师,我需要帮助。” 也会在这之后笑着跟我说谢谢。一天学校生活结束时,有的学生会在离开时拥抱我并用中文跟我说“明天见”。事情真的有在越变越好,不禁期待下周和他们再见。)


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