Field Trip –10.15


On Monday, which was October 10th, our class and other two classes of 3rd grade went to field trip. Hurray!!!  It’s good to see the difference between American-style’s field trip and Chinese-style’s Autumn trip.



We went to Saint John’s Outdoor University. Kids told me that they’ve been there for several times before we arrived here, but I thought both of us  would have a brand new experience.

(我们去了Saint John’s Outdoor University,孩子们告诉我说他们前几年已经去过那个地方好几次了,但是我觉得这次我们都会获得全新的体验。)

Compared to our Autumn trip in my childhood, this one is much more meaningful. My elder cousins told me that when they were children, their Spring trips and Autumn trips are more interesting than mine. Their schools organized trips to visit other cities, climb mountains, visit zoos. A few years later, for safety, schools canceled such wonderful trips. So go back to my years, we went to public park and had picnic again and again.

(和我童年时的秋游相比,这样的更有意义。我的堂哥堂姐们告诉我说他们以前的春游秋游比我的可有意思多了。他们的学校组织他们或去其他的城市,或爬山, 或去动物园。过了几年,我到了去春游秋游的年纪,但是出于安全考虑,各个学校取消了丰富的春秋游活动,取而代之的是去公园野餐吃零食,这样枯燥的活动持续了一年又一年。)

Nurses of Madison gave teachers first-aid kits.  Then the school bus took us to Saint John’s Outdoor University. The scenery of the university was quite beautiful.This field trip was much more like hiking. We had several stops, played games, not only the kids but also I learned new things about the plants, seeds, squirrel and Blue jay.  I never thought that school field trip would be so educational.


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A simple and inimate communication with Nature.


Things are getting better and better, children started to accept me. I felt that connection between us. They would listen to me, and some kids would give me hugs when they leave. Keep up.


Continue to translate science book and prepare powerpoint.



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