Hello, Windy City!

This week we have 2-days holiday, thanks for students’ parents, so that we can have the chance to take a trip to Chicago.(这一周我们有两天的假期,加上周末总共是四天。感谢学生们的家长,我们有幸参加了这次的芝加哥之旅。)

Hello, Windy City!(你好啊,风城!)


What we met at the first time in Chicago is traffic jam, what a big city. Then we know why Chicago was called Windy City when we got off the car. (我们到芝加哥碰到的第一件事就是堵车,真不愧是个大城市。下车后我们立马就感受到了“风城”的含义。)

                                                                                                     Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza


IMG_4787.JPGAlexandra and I live in an old Chicago-Style house with normal exterior but beautiful interior decoration. The house owner is a middle-aged couple who is nice. Both of us love their house, especially they have a cute cat.(郎老师和我借住在一栋典型的芝加哥式房子里,它普通的外观下有着精美的内饰。房主是一对超级好的中年夫妇,他们还养了一只超级可爱的猫。我们超爱这个住处!)

The next day we went to down town by train, it’s a good choice to look to the city. And it’s been a while to see such a tall building since we came to St. Cloud. All of us have a brand-new feeling when we went to China town. Most of the residents in China town are Cantonese, they have a museum which represents only a small part of Chinese culture, but they are only a profile shows the past of Canton province. China is a big country which has 34 provinces with rich culture, you can take a trip to China and see the country in person if you want to know about present and real China.(第二天我们坐火车去了市区,火车是一个观光城市的不错选择。自从我们来了圣克劳德之后已经有一段时间没见过这么高的建筑了。我们所有人在唐人街都有耳目一新的感受。唐人街的大部分居民都是华裔广东人,他们有一个博物馆。这个博物馆展示了一小部分的中国文化,但是只是中国广东省文化的一个侧面。中国是一个有着三十四个省和丰富多彩文化的国家,如果想了解现今真实的中国的话,你可以去中国旅行,亲自看看。)

We visited a school in China town, the kids with us sang a Pinyin Song for that school, which impressed them. Madison’s Chinese Immersion Classes are wonderful! Then we went to a Cantonese restaurant which sell amazing Cantonese dim-sum.(我们参观了唐人街的一个学校,跟我们一起的麦迪逊的孩子们给他们唱了一首拼音歌,他们都很惊讶我们的孩子中文这么好。麦迪逊的中文沉浸班超级棒!然后我们去了一家粤菜餐馆吃了超好吃的点心。)

What impressed me the most in the following days is Art Institute of Chicago. In there I saw the marvelous works of Vincent van Gogh and Monet. Those paints remind me for the episode Vincent and the Doctor from Doctor Who, in which the Doctor and Amy brought Vincent van Gogh to the gallery for Vincent van Gogh, he cried like a baby when heard the high evaluation of him. If I have a Tardis, I would do the same as the Doctor. The Art Institute is like Alibaba’s cave, in which filled with treasure. Asian section was the place that I stayed for the longest time because of those precious cultural relics from China. (这两天的旅行我印象最深的就是芝加哥艺术学院。在哪里我看见了梵高,莫奈的真迹。这些画作让我想起了神秘博士里的一集,博士把梵高逮到了现代的一个博物馆,那里正有梵高的画展。梵高在听到他人对他的高评价时哭得像个孩子。如果我有一个塔迪斯,我也会和博士做同样的事。芝加哥艺术学院就像阿里巴巴的山洞一样,堆满了宝藏。亚洲区是我驻足最久的地方,因为我看见了很多中国的国宝级文物。)

This trip would be one of the most precious memories of my life.( 这次的旅行将会成为我一生的宝贵回忆。)


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