Trick or Treat!不给糖就捣蛋!

Happy Halloween!(万圣节快乐!)

I prepared some candies for my class last Friday.(上周五我给我们班的小孩们都准备了糖果。)


I made witch’s fingers! (我做了一些女巫的手指。)



Yesterday a students’ mother invited us to her house.  Some of us ware costumes, some put on make-ups. I was a panda because it’s my favorite animal and I’m from the hometown of panda! Children knocked on the doors for candy, we just walked behind them to feel how’s Halloween like. Some of the hosts also gave us candies although all of us are over 20.  What a wonderful night! (昨天一个学生的妈妈邀请我们去他们家。我们有的人穿上了万圣节服装,有的只是化了个妆。我是一只我最爱的大熊猫~ 孩子们都去敲门要糖,我们就跟在他们后面感受万圣节的气氛。即使我们已经都20多岁了,有的房主也会给我们糖果。多么美妙的夜晚!)



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