Veterans Day 老兵节

This week, a lot of things happened. Donald Trump won the election,  the value of transactions on November 11th of  Taobao has set another record, and students of Madison  gave veterans a special gift.( 这一周发生了很多事。特朗普赢了大选,淘宝双十一交易额又创纪录, 还有麦迪逊的学生们为老兵献上了一份特别的礼物。)

Madison Elementary: Veterans Day Program

When I saw those kids were dancing so well and heard their beautiful voices singing songs for those veterans and soldiers, I was greatly touched. When I saw a lady was trying to contact to her husband who is currently serving in the army for several times, I couldn’t keep back my tears. No matter where they came from, all the soldiers in the world  were served for his country. Wish all the soldiers could be reunited with their families as soon as possible.(当我看到孩子们为了老兵们精心准备的美妙舞蹈和听到他们的歌声时,我被深深地感动了。当我看到一位女士联系她现在正在军中服役的丈夫,但是连线几次中断时,我忍不住地哭了。无论士兵来自于哪儿,他们都是为了自己的国家。愿所有的军人都能早日与家人团聚。)



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