The first snow in St. Cloud 圣克劳德的第一场雪

Snow fell early Friday in St. Cloud. It was the first snow of this Winter. School’s schedule was changing constantly because of the bad weather. At 11:00, all the kids went home. (周五的时候圣克劳德下雪了。这是这个冬天的第一场雪。因为恶劣的天气,学校的时间表不停地变化,提前。最后孩子们十一点时就都回家了。)

Though the Confucius Institute, St. Cloud State University invited the Chinese Consul General Hong lei to St. Cloud to attend a panel which focused on the international education. We got the news that the Consul General Hong Lei and his colleagues would visit the Chinese Immersion Classes in Madison Elementary School , I made one of the posters to welcome them, but the visit was cancelled because of the weather. What a pity!( 圣克劳德州立大学通过孔子学院邀请到了中国驻芝加哥总领事洪磊先生一行人来参加一个关于国际教育的论坛。我们接到消息说洪总领事一行人将会来麦迪逊小学参观中文沉浸式课堂,为表示欢迎我做了其中一个海报。但是很遗憾的是,由于天气恶劣,参观取消了。)


At the panel, we met the consul general Hong Lei. We don’t even want to wash our hands after shaking hands with him because we were so excited. After all, we can only see him on TV before. ( 在论坛上,我们看见了中国驻芝加哥总领事洪磊先生。我们都非常地激动, 毕竟以前我们只能在电视上才能看见他。)IMG_5536.JPG


After the panel, Consul General Hong gave a lecture for Chinese students who are studying in SCSU. (论坛过后,洪总领事又为圣克劳德州立大学的中国留学生们作了一场讲座。)

In the evening, Consul General Hong treated the teachers of Confucius Institute a dinner. We gave a performance for them to express gratitude for their visit and dinner.(晚上,洪总领事设宴招待孔子学院的老师。我们为他们表演了一些节目对他们的来访及慰问表示衷心的感谢。)







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