Happy Thanksgiving!感恩节快乐!



I want to thank all my families, all my friends and all the people who has helped me. I never thought that I would come to the USA to be a teacher, even I’m just an assistant. Thank Confucius Institute for giving this chance.(我想感谢我的家人,我的朋友和所有曾经帮助过我的人。我从未想过我会有机会来美国当老师,即使只是一名助教,感谢孔子学院能够给我这次机会来体验和锻炼。)

Yesterday I went to the Mall of America. Met crowds of people in all the shops. I bought nothing…(昨天我们去了美国商城。真的是人山人海,我啥也没买…)


It’s interesting to expiring the “legendary” Black Friday, but I don’t want to go out this day anymore.(能见识一下传说中的黑五也是很有趣的,但是我再也不想在这一天出门了。)

P.S Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is really good! I wish I could be a witch.(神奇动物在哪里很好看,我也想当女巫!)



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