Science that I taught 我所教的科学课

It’s been a while since I started to teach Science. At the first time I was really nervous, because I was even not sure if I can figure it out the knowledge. Now I know everything needs a learning process. Reading the text book again and again, writing lesson plan, and making powerpoint are the steps lead to READY. (从我第一次教学生们科学课算来已经有一段时间了。刚开始的时候我特别地紧张,我都不确定我是不是能弄懂这些知识。现在我知道凡事都有一个过程。反复地看教材,写教案,做课件是通向“准备就绪”的一个个步骤。)

This week I taught them something about Moon. Such as Moon needs 28 days to orbit the Earth for a full turn, the changing appearances of Moon are called Moon Phases.(这一周我教了他们一些关于月球的知识。比如,月球需要28天才能绕着地球完整地转一圈。月亮变化的外表叫做月相。)

About the Moon Phases, I found a goof activity from Internet. It’s use Oreo to make Moon Phases with spoon. It’s funny to do it, and the kids would be happy because they can have Oreo to eat. I randomly divided them into several groups, ask them to learn to cooperate and collaborate. It really works。(我在网上发现了一个很好的关于月相的活动。就是用勺子在奥利奥上刮出月相。做的过程很有趣,孩子们也会很开心有奥利奥吃。我随即地把他们分成了几个组,告诉他们要学会合作与协作。这样真的有用。)



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