I saw a constellation! 我看到了星座!

Last night, a teacher in Madison invited us to her house. We had Hot-Pot and played some games together. Hot-Pot is my favorite! (昨晚,麦迪逊的一位老师邀请我们去她家,我们一起吃了火锅,还玩了游戏。火锅,我的最爱!)

img_5875 I always looking my families prepared the soup of Hot-Pot, finally I can do it in person. (以前在家总是看家人们做火锅底料,熬制汤底,终于我也可以亲自做一次了!)

What’s the most special of last night was that I saw a constellation! It was Orion the Hunter. Yesterday morning , I had just taught the students the knowledge about stars and constellations, especially Orion the Hunter. What a coincidence!  According to the book, the best time to observe Orion the Hunter is from December to early April. If you want to see Orion the Hunter, don’t forget to look up to the sky at night when it’s clear. (昨晚最特别的事情是我看见了星座!猎户座!昨天早上我刚给学生们讲完星星的章节,介绍了星座,并且着重讲了猎户座。多巧!根据书上说,猎户座的最佳观测时间是十二月到四月初。如果你想亲眼看到猎户座,别忘了在晴朗的夜晚抬头看看。)


Look at his belt, it consists three stars in a line. At the 8:00pm of late January and early February, the three stars in a line would be in the southern sky. There’s an old saying in China, three stars in the south,  New Year is about to come. Late January to early February is exactly the time of Chinese New Year. That’s the reason why we have to admire the wisdom of our ancestors. (看他的腰带,是有练成一条线的三颗星星组成。每年一月底二月初的晚上八点,那三颗星星会挂在正南方。中国有句古话是“三星正南,就要过年”。每年的一月底二月初正好是中国农历的新年。真是不得不佩服古人的智慧。)


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