I saw a constellation! 我看到了星座!

Last night, a teacher in Madison invited us to her house. We had Hot-Pot and played some games together. Hot-Pot is my favorite! (昨晚,麦迪逊的一位老师邀请我们去她家,我们一起吃了火锅,还玩了游戏。火锅,我的最爱!)

img_5875 I always looking my families prepared the soup of Hot-Pot, finally I can do it in person. (以前在家总是看家人们做火锅底料,熬制汤底,终于我也可以亲自做一次了!)

What’s the most special of last night was that I saw a constellation! It was Orion the Hunter. Yesterday morning , I had just taught the students the knowledge about stars and constellations, especially Orion the Hunter. What a coincidence!  According to the book, the best time to observe Orion the Hunter is from December to early April. If you want to see Orion the Hunter, don’t forget to look up to the sky at night when it’s clear. (昨晚最特别的事情是我看见了星座!猎户座!昨天早上我刚给学生们讲完星星的章节,介绍了星座,并且着重讲了猎户座。多巧!根据书上说,猎户座的最佳观测时间是十二月到四月初。如果你想亲眼看到猎户座,别忘了在晴朗的夜晚抬头看看。)


Look at his belt, it consists three stars in a line. At the 8:00pm of late January and early February, the three stars in a line would be in the southern sky. There’s an old saying in China, three stars in the south,  New Year is about to come. Late January to early February is exactly the time of Chinese New Year. That’s the reason why we have to admire the wisdom of our ancestors. (看他的腰带,是有练成一条线的三颗星星组成。每年一月底二月初的晚上八点,那三颗星星会挂在正南方。中国有句古话是“三星正南,就要过年”。每年的一月底二月初正好是中国农历的新年。真是不得不佩服古人的智慧。)


Science that I taught 我所教的科学课

It’s been a while since I started to teach Science. At the first time I was really nervous, because I was even not sure if I can figure it out the knowledge. Now I know everything needs a learning process. Reading the text book again and again, writing lesson plan, and making powerpoint are the steps lead to READY. (从我第一次教学生们科学课算来已经有一段时间了。刚开始的时候我特别地紧张,我都不确定我是不是能弄懂这些知识。现在我知道凡事都有一个过程。反复地看教材,写教案,做课件是通向“准备就绪”的一个个步骤。)

This week I taught them something about Moon. Such as Moon needs 28 days to orbit the Earth for a full turn, the changing appearances of Moon are called Moon Phases.(这一周我教了他们一些关于月球的知识。比如,月球需要28天才能绕着地球完整地转一圈。月亮变化的外表叫做月相。)

About the Moon Phases, I found a goof activity from Internet. It’s use Oreo to make Moon Phases with spoon. It’s funny to do it, and the kids would be happy because they can have Oreo to eat. I randomly divided them into several groups, ask them to learn to cooperate and collaborate. It really works。(我在网上发现了一个很好的关于月相的活动。就是用勺子在奥利奥上刮出月相。做的过程很有趣,孩子们也会很开心有奥利奥吃。我随即地把他们分成了几个组,告诉他们要学会合作与协作。这样真的有用。)


Happy Thanksgiving!感恩节快乐!



I want to thank all my families, all my friends and all the people who has helped me. I never thought that I would come to the USA to be a teacher, even I’m just an assistant. Thank Confucius Institute for giving this chance.(我想感谢我的家人,我的朋友和所有曾经帮助过我的人。我从未想过我会有机会来美国当老师,即使只是一名助教,感谢孔子学院能够给我这次机会来体验和锻炼。)

Yesterday I went to the Mall of America. Met crowds of people in all the shops. I bought nothing…(昨天我们去了美国商城。真的是人山人海,我啥也没买…)


It’s interesting to expiring the “legendary” Black Friday, but I don’t want to go out this day anymore.(能见识一下传说中的黑五也是很有趣的,但是我再也不想在这一天出门了。)

P.S Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is really good! I wish I could be a witch.(神奇动物在哪里很好看,我也想当女巫!)


The first snow in St. Cloud 圣克劳德的第一场雪

Snow fell early Friday in St. Cloud. It was the first snow of this Winter. School’s schedule was changing constantly because of the bad weather. At 11:00, all the kids went home. (周五的时候圣克劳德下雪了。这是这个冬天的第一场雪。因为恶劣的天气,学校的时间表不停地变化,提前。最后孩子们十一点时就都回家了。)

Though the Confucius Institute, St. Cloud State University invited the Chinese Consul General Hong lei to St. Cloud to attend a panel which focused on the international education. We got the news that the Consul General Hong Lei and his colleagues would visit the Chinese Immersion Classes in Madison Elementary School , I made one of the posters to welcome them, but the visit was cancelled because of the weather. What a pity!( 圣克劳德州立大学通过孔子学院邀请到了中国驻芝加哥总领事洪磊先生一行人来参加一个关于国际教育的论坛。我们接到消息说洪总领事一行人将会来麦迪逊小学参观中文沉浸式课堂,为表示欢迎我做了其中一个海报。但是很遗憾的是,由于天气恶劣,参观取消了。)


At the panel, we met the consul general Hong Lei. We don’t even want to wash our hands after shaking hands with him because we were so excited. After all, we can only see him on TV before. ( 在论坛上,我们看见了中国驻芝加哥总领事洪磊先生。我们都非常地激动, 毕竟以前我们只能在电视上才能看见他。)IMG_5536.JPG


After the panel, Consul General Hong gave a lecture for Chinese students who are studying in SCSU. (论坛过后,洪总领事又为圣克劳德州立大学的中国留学生们作了一场讲座。)

In the evening, Consul General Hong treated the teachers of Confucius Institute a dinner. We gave a performance for them to express gratitude for their visit and dinner.(晚上,洪总领事设宴招待孔子学院的老师。我们为他们表演了一些节目对他们的来访及慰问表示衷心的感谢。)






Veterans Day 老兵节

This week, a lot of things happened. Donald Trump won the election,  the value of transactions on November 11th of  Taobao has set another record, and students of Madison  gave veterans a special gift.( 这一周发生了很多事。特朗普赢了大选,淘宝双十一交易额又创纪录, 还有麦迪逊的学生们为老兵献上了一份特别的礼物。)

Madison Elementary: Veterans Day Program

When I saw those kids were dancing so well and heard their beautiful voices singing songs for those veterans and soldiers, I was greatly touched. When I saw a lady was trying to contact to her husband who is currently serving in the army for several times, I couldn’t keep back my tears. No matter where they came from, all the soldiers in the world  were served for his country. Wish all the soldiers could be reunited with their families as soon as possible.(当我看到孩子们为了老兵们精心准备的美妙舞蹈和听到他们的歌声时,我被深深地感动了。当我看到一位女士联系她现在正在军中服役的丈夫,但是连线几次中断时,我忍不住地哭了。无论士兵来自于哪儿,他们都是为了自己的国家。愿所有的军人都能早日与家人团聚。)


Trick or Treat!不给糖就捣蛋!

Happy Halloween!(万圣节快乐!)

I prepared some candies for my class last Friday.(上周五我给我们班的小孩们都准备了糖果。)


I made witch’s fingers! (我做了一些女巫的手指。)



Yesterday a students’ mother invited us to her house.  Some of us ware costumes, some put on make-ups. I was a panda because it’s my favorite animal and I’m from the hometown of panda! Children knocked on the doors for candy, we just walked behind them to feel how’s Halloween like. Some of the hosts also gave us candies although all of us are over 20.  What a wonderful night! (昨天一个学生的妈妈邀请我们去他们家。我们有的人穿上了万圣节服装,有的只是化了个妆。我是一只我最爱的大熊猫~ 孩子们都去敲门要糖,我们就跟在他们后面感受万圣节的气氛。即使我们已经都20多岁了,有的房主也会给我们糖果。多么美妙的夜晚!)


Hello, Windy City!

This week we have 2-days holiday, thanks for students’ parents, so that we can have the chance to take a trip to Chicago.(这一周我们有两天的假期,加上周末总共是四天。感谢学生们的家长,我们有幸参加了这次的芝加哥之旅。)

Hello, Windy City!(你好啊,风城!)


What we met at the first time in Chicago is traffic jam, what a big city. Then we know why Chicago was called Windy City when we got off the car. (我们到芝加哥碰到的第一件事就是堵车,真不愧是个大城市。下车后我们立马就感受到了“风城”的含义。)

                                                                                                     Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza


IMG_4787.JPGAlexandra and I live in an old Chicago-Style house with normal exterior but beautiful interior decoration. The house owner is a middle-aged couple who is nice. Both of us love their house, especially they have a cute cat.(郎老师和我借住在一栋典型的芝加哥式房子里,它普通的外观下有着精美的内饰。房主是一对超级好的中年夫妇,他们还养了一只超级可爱的猫。我们超爱这个住处!)

The next day we went to down town by train, it’s a good choice to look to the city. And it’s been a while to see such a tall building since we came to St. Cloud. All of us have a brand-new feeling when we went to China town. Most of the residents in China town are Cantonese, they have a museum which represents only a small part of Chinese culture, but they are only a profile shows the past of Canton province. China is a big country which has 34 provinces with rich culture, you can take a trip to China and see the country in person if you want to know about present and real China.(第二天我们坐火车去了市区,火车是一个观光城市的不错选择。自从我们来了圣克劳德之后已经有一段时间没见过这么高的建筑了。我们所有人在唐人街都有耳目一新的感受。唐人街的大部分居民都是华裔广东人,他们有一个博物馆。这个博物馆展示了一小部分的中国文化,但是只是中国广东省文化的一个侧面。中国是一个有着三十四个省和丰富多彩文化的国家,如果想了解现今真实的中国的话,你可以去中国旅行,亲自看看。)

We visited a school in China town, the kids with us sang a Pinyin Song for that school, which impressed them. Madison’s Chinese Immersion Classes are wonderful! Then we went to a Cantonese restaurant which sell amazing Cantonese dim-sum.(我们参观了唐人街的一个学校,跟我们一起的麦迪逊的孩子们给他们唱了一首拼音歌,他们都很惊讶我们的孩子中文这么好。麦迪逊的中文沉浸班超级棒!然后我们去了一家粤菜餐馆吃了超好吃的点心。)

What impressed me the most in the following days is Art Institute of Chicago. In there I saw the marvelous works of Vincent van Gogh and Monet. Those paints remind me for the episode Vincent and the Doctor from Doctor Who, in which the Doctor and Amy brought Vincent van Gogh to the gallery for Vincent van Gogh, he cried like a baby when heard the high evaluation of him. If I have a Tardis, I would do the same as the Doctor. The Art Institute is like Alibaba’s cave, in which filled with treasure. Asian section was the place that I stayed for the longest time because of those precious cultural relics from China. (这两天的旅行我印象最深的就是芝加哥艺术学院。在哪里我看见了梵高,莫奈的真迹。这些画作让我想起了神秘博士里的一集,博士把梵高逮到了现代的一个博物馆,那里正有梵高的画展。梵高在听到他人对他的高评价时哭得像个孩子。如果我有一个塔迪斯,我也会和博士做同样的事。芝加哥艺术学院就像阿里巴巴的山洞一样,堆满了宝藏。亚洲区是我驻足最久的地方,因为我看见了很多中国的国宝级文物。)

This trip would be one of the most precious memories of my life.( 这次的旅行将会成为我一生的宝贵回忆。)

Field Trip –10.15


On Monday, which was October 10th, our class and other two classes of 3rd grade went to field trip. Hurray!!!  It’s good to see the difference between American-style’s field trip and Chinese-style’s Autumn trip.



We went to Saint John’s Outdoor University. Kids told me that they’ve been there for several times before we arrived here, but I thought both of us  would have a brand new experience.

(我们去了Saint John’s Outdoor University,孩子们告诉我说他们前几年已经去过那个地方好几次了,但是我觉得这次我们都会获得全新的体验。)

Compared to our Autumn trip in my childhood, this one is much more meaningful. My elder cousins told me that when they were children, their Spring trips and Autumn trips are more interesting than mine. Their schools organized trips to visit other cities, climb mountains, visit zoos. A few years later, for safety, schools canceled such wonderful trips. So go back to my years, we went to public park and had picnic again and again.

(和我童年时的秋游相比,这样的更有意义。我的堂哥堂姐们告诉我说他们以前的春游秋游比我的可有意思多了。他们的学校组织他们或去其他的城市,或爬山, 或去动物园。过了几年,我到了去春游秋游的年纪,但是出于安全考虑,各个学校取消了丰富的春秋游活动,取而代之的是去公园野餐吃零食,这样枯燥的活动持续了一年又一年。)

Nurses of Madison gave teachers first-aid kits.  Then the school bus took us to Saint John’s Outdoor University. The scenery of the university was quite beautiful.This field trip was much more like hiking. We had several stops, played games, not only the kids but also I learned new things about the plants, seeds, squirrel and Blue jay.  I never thought that school field trip would be so educational.


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A simple and inimate communication with Nature.


Things are getting better and better, children started to accept me. I felt that connection between us. They would listen to me, and some kids would give me hugs when they leave. Keep up.


Continue to translate science book and prepare powerpoint.


Fifth Week in Madison

Good evening to everyone who is visiting my blog. My name is Yanqiu Wen, you can call me Rachel. I’m from Sichuan Province of China, the same hometown with pandas. I’m a senior student of Changchun Normal University. Now I’m co-teaching in a Chinese Language Program of Confucius Institute at SCSU. (向所有正在浏览我的博客的人道一声晚上好。我叫温妍秋,你可以叫我的英文名Rachel。我来自熊猫的家乡,中国四川省。我是长春师范大学的一名学生,现在我在圣克劳德州立大学孔子学院当一名中文助教。)

Time flies, this is the fifth week in Madison Elementary School since this semester has began. Now I’m a helper teacher of Chinese immersion class in third grade.(时光飞逝,这已经是正式开学以来在麦迪逊小学的第五个星期了。我现在在三年级中文沉浸式课堂当助教。)

To be honest, it’s never easy to become a teacher. The first couple days when I just settle down in third grade, I felt that it was so tough just because the children don’t listen to me. The main teacher of my class said,” You don’t have to feel frustrated, they’re children, and  you are just new here, you haven’t built a relationship with them yet. They won’t accept you easily.” Then I tried my best to adjust myself to get used to this situation, it’s getting better and better.(老实说,当老师从来都不是一件容易的事。定下来在三年级的最开始几天,学生不听我话时我觉得教师生活好艰难啊。但是我们班的老师对我说:“你不用感觉很挫败,他们还是孩子,孩子就是这样的。你才刚来,你还没有跟他们建立很深的联系,他们没有这么快接受你。”在这之后,我就努力地调整自己,事情也在向着好的方向发展。)

Tried to use what I’ve learned during the first week training in SCSU and Apollo, such as PBIS system to teach students how to make good choices,  build a positive relationship with children. Teaching is about equity, set different teaching plan for different child because they’re all unique, and that would be more effective. In our class, we have some children who are smart but they just can’t concentrate, we need to pay more attention to them because they need us to encourage and urge them to learn all the time. (尝试把在圣克劳德州立大学和阿波罗高中的所学所得运用到实践中,用PBIS教学系统鼓励学生们做出正确的选择,与他们建立起良好积极的关系。教学是要公平的,要因材施教,每一个学生都是独特的,不,同的学生需要不同的教学方法,这样的教学也会更加有效。在我们班,有的学生非常聪明,但是就是无法集中注意力在学习上,这样我们就需要更多地关注他们,鼓励他们,督促他们学习。)

Now I think the children and I are building good relationships. They’re willing to tell me about their lives, ask me for help when they meet difficulties during class and say”thank you”in Chinese after I helped them . They ‘ll say “see you tomorrow” in Chinese when the school day is over. Things are getting better and better. Kinda hope to see them soon.(现在我已经感觉到了学生们和我正在建立起良好的关系。他们现在会主动自愿地跟我分享他们的生活趣事,会在需要帮助时跟我说:“温老师,我需要帮助。” 也会在这之后笑着跟我说谢谢。一天学校生活结束时,有的学生会在离开时拥抱我并用中文跟我说“明天见”。事情真的有在越变越好,不禁期待下周和他们再见。)